We Pay Attention To The Details

Virginia Beach, VA


Car Detail in Virginia Beach, VA

Irvings Detailing Salon is a place in Virginia Beach, VA, you can take your vehicle to for professional car detail service. We’re willing to exert ourselves to make your auto look clean and give it a pristine finish. You can have us detail both the interior and exterior so that you can receive the most complete service. We utilize products, equipment, and cleaning methods that are designed to be safe for vehicles.

We are committed to the quality of our work and like to see our customers smile once we’ve completed their service. Other reasons why we’re a good choice include our:

  • Ability to work quickly and efficiently
  • Quick responses to questions and concerns
  • Flexible business hours

At Irvings Detailing Salon, we understand the art of car detail service and look forward to welcoming you as a new customer. If you live in or are just passing through Virginia Beach, stop by today so that our staff members can get to work for you.